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Frequently asked questions

Questions most commonly asked by our users. Please consult our troubleshooting page if you are experiencing issues.
How can I purchase Synapse X?
Synapse X is not currently available for purchase.
We will not be offering the software for the time being. We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your patience.
You can subscribe to Synapse X using either a credit card, a debit card, a PayPal account, a bank wire, cash sent through mail, or any one of our supported cryptocurrencies. When paying, you will have the option to opt into automatic payments, whose schedule you will be able to modify later in your account's settings. You also have the choice to opt out of automatic payments and extend your subscription whenever you want.
  • The base rate is $8.50 a month when paid in cash, or $6.50 a month when paid in cryptocurrency. We offer a universal discount to all users buying Synapse X with cryptocurrency that applies to both the initial buy-in and any later extensions.
  • The initial buy-in is a minimum of 3 months worth of time. You may choose to buy more time when creating your account. Depending on the payment method, the initial buy-in will cost you between $19.50 to $25.50, taxes and fees notwithstanding. After these 3 months have elapsed, you are free to adjust your payment schedule to pay the minimum monthly price.
  • If you pay through cryptocurrency, then you can purchase in bulk if desired at the discounted rate. We accept most popular cryptocurrencies.
After we receive your payment, your license key will be made immediately available and a copy of your receipt will be sent to the supplied email address. When using PayPal, a copy will also be sent to the email associated with your PayPal account if one was used during the transaction. If you bought Synapse X with cryptocurrency, note that it may take between 15 minutes to a few hours for your transaction to be processed as cryptocurrency transactions are rarely immediate.
Which computers are supported by Synapse X?
Synapse X is currently only compatible with computers running the latest version of Windows 10 or above, executing on a 64-bit processor. Older operating systems, 32-bit processors, or virtualized systems are not officially supported by Synapse X, and the software will either not work or suffer from stability issues if ran on these unsupported platforms. You can tell whether your computer is a 32-bit or 64-bit system by looking at your computer's control panel.
Why am I getting antivirus alerts?
Synapse X is protected with binary obfuscation as to prevent cracks and unauthorized usage. Since antiviruses cannot pierce through this obfuscation, they generally assume it's malware, even though it isn't. If this prevents your use of the software, please consult our troubleshooting page
Can I use Synapse X on multiple computers?
Yes. Synapse X will automatically authorize any new devices you will be using. However, your license will be locked to the new device for around 24 hours, preventing its use on any other computer (including the previous device) for that time period. If you are rapidly switching between households, we suggest exclusively using Synapse X on a laptop you carry around to prevent any problems.
How can I contact the team?
Support is limited while Synapse X is not available.
As the sales and downloads of Synapse X are unavailable for the time being, our support availability will be limited, and only critical tickets will be processed. To stay updated, we encourage you to follow our official Twitter account at @synapseupdates.
Can I use the software with other executors?
No. This will probably lead to unexpected consequences, such as crashes or instability.
Where can I report bugs?
Bugs can be reported over at our support platform, which you can access using its link in the website's menu.
Where can I report vulnerabilities?
Send all vulnerabilities (including reproduction steps) to [email protected]. Examples of welcomed reports include methods to detect Synapse's presence in foreign environments, achieving arbitrary code execution, and filesystem sandbox escapes. Compensation may be provided for some reports.
Send any communications or inquiries to [email protected].
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