Reflection Functions


<union<function, nil>, <string?>> loadstring(<string> chunk, <string?> chunk_name)  

Loads chunk as a Lua function with optional chunk_name and returns it if compilation is successful. Otherwise, if an error has occurred during compilation, nil followed by the error message will be returned.

Check Caller

<bool> checkcaller(<void>)  

Returns true if the current thread is a Synapse thread. Note: Checkcaller does NOT check the call stack of the function, if you call a game function then it calls out to checkcaller, the result will be true! Be careful.

Is Lua Closure

<bool> islclosure(<function> f)  

Returns true if f is an LClosure.

Dump String

<string> dumpstring(<string> Script)  

Returns the Synapse formatted bytecode for source string script.


<string> decompile(union<LocalScript, ModuleScript, function, string, proto> Script, union?<string, bool> mode, <number?> timeout)  

Decompiles Script and returns the decompiled script with timeout. If the decompilation fails, then the return value will be an error message.

Note: The mode parameter is deprecated and is not used in newer versions of Synapse.