Miscellaneous Functions

Set Clipboard

<void> setclipboard(<string> value)  

Sets value to the clipboard.

Set Fast Flag

<void> setfflag(<string> FFlag, <string> Value)

Sets FFlag with Value. Must be run before the game loads, auto execute + auto launch recommended.

Get Namecall Method

<string> getnamecallmethod(<void>)

Returns the namecall method if the function is called in an __namecall metatable hook.

Set Namecall Method

<void> setnamecallmethod(<string> method)

Sets the current namecall method to the new namecall method. Must be called in a __namecall metatable hook.

Get Synapse Asset

<Content> getsynasset(<string> path)

Returns a Content string that can be used as a fake Asset ID for GUI elements. Please note this will only affect your client.

Note: Certain instances only work with specific file types. For example, VideoFrame's only work with .webm encoded videos.

Get Special Info

<table> getspecialinfo(<Instance> obj)  

Gets a list of special properties for MeshParts, UnionOperations, and Terrain instances.


Save Instance

<void> saveinstance(<table> t)  

Saves the current game into your workspace folder. You can use table t to customize options for this.

modeoptimized / full / scripts
noscriptstrue / false
scriptcachetrue / false
timeoutany number

Message Box

<uint> messagebox(<string> text, <string> caption, <uint> flags)

Creates a message box with parameters text, caption and style.

OK / Cancel1
Abort / Retry / Ignore2
Yes / No / Cancel3
Yes / No4
Retry / Cancel5
Cancel / Try Again / Continue6
1The OK button was selected
2The Cancel button was selected.
3The Abort button was selected.
4The Retry button was selected.
5The Ignore button was selected.
6The Yes button was selected.
7The No button was selected.
10The Try Again button was selected.
11The Continue button was selected.