Input Functions

Is Active

<bool> iswindowactive(<void>)  

Returns if the main window is in focus. This must return true for any other mouse/keyboard function to work.


<void> keypress(<uint> keycode)  

Simulates a key press for the specified keycode. Keycodes are listed here.

<void> keyrelease(<uint> key)  

Releases key on the keyboard. You can access the key values from the link above.

Left Click

<void> mouse1click(<void>)  

Simulates a full left mouse button press.

<void> mouse1press(<void>)  

Simulates a left mouse button press without releasing it.

<void> mouse1release(<void>)  

Simulates a left mouse button release.

Right Click

<void> mouse2click(<void>)  

Simulates a full right mouse button press.

<void> mouse2press(<void>)  

Clicks down on the right mouse button.

<void> mouse2release(<void>)  

Simulates a right mouse button release.

Mouse Movement

<void> mousescroll(<number> px)  

Scrolls the mouse wheel virtually by px pixels.

<void> mousemoverel(<number> x, <number> y)  

Moves the mouse cursor relatively to the current mouse position by coordinates x and y.

<void> mousemoveabs(<number> x, <number> y)  

Move's your mouse to the x and y coordinates in pixels from topleft of the main window.