Environment Functions

Get Global Environment

<table> getgenv(<void>)  

Returns the environment that will be applied to each script ran by Synapse.

Get Environment

<table> getrenv(<void>)  

Returns the global environment for the LocalScript state.

Get Registry

<table> getreg(<void>)  

Returns the Lua registry.

Get Garbage Collection

<table> getgc(<bool?> include_tables)  

Returns all functions and userdata values within the GC. Passing true will also return tables.

Get Instances

<table<Instance>> getinstances(<void>)  

Returns a list of all instances within the game.

Get Nil Instances

<table<Instance>> getnilinstances(<void>)  

Returns a list of all instances parented to nil within the game.

Get Scripts

<table<union<LocalScript, ModuleScript>>> getscripts(<void>)  

Returns a list of all scripts within the game.

Get Loaded Modules

<table<ModuleScript>> getloadedmodules(<void>)  

Returns all ModuleScripts loaded in the game.

Get Connections

<table<Connection>> getconnections(<ScriptSignal> obj)  

Gets a list of connections to the specified signal. You can do the following operations on a Connection:

.FunctionThe function connected to the connection
.StateThe state of the connection
:EnableEnables the connection
:DisableDisables the connection
:FireFires the connection


for i, connection in pairs(getconnections(workspace.ChildAdded)) do

Fire Signal

<void> firesignal(<ScriptSignal> Signal, <variant> Args...)

Fires all the connections connected to the signal Signal with Args.

Fire Click Detector

<void> fireclickdetector(<ClickDetector> Detector, <number> Distance)

Fires the designated ClickDetector with provided Distance. If Distance isn't provided, it will default to 0.

Fire Proximity Prompt

<void> fireproximityprompt(<ProximityPrompt> Prompt, <number> Distance)

Fires the designated ProximityPrompt.

Fire Touch Interest

<void> firetouchinterest(<Instance> Part, <BasePart> ToTouch, <uint> Toggle)

Fakes a .Touched event to ToTouch with Part. The Toggle argument must be either 0 or 1 (for fire/un-fire).

Note: The ToTouch argument must have a child with class TouchTransmitter in order for this function to work.

Is Network Owner

<bool> isnetworkowner(<BasePart> Part)

Returns true if the Part is owned by the player.

Get Hidden Property

<variant> gethiddenproperty(<Instance> Object, <string> Property)  

Returns the hidden property Property from Object. Errors if the property does not exist.

Set Hidden Property

<void> sethiddenproperty(<Instance> Object, <string> Property, <variant> Value)  

Sets the hidden property Property with Value from Object. Errors if the property does not exist.

Set Simulation Radius

<void> setsimulationradius(<uint> SimulationRadius, <uint?> MaxSimulationRadius)  

Sets the player's SimulationRadius. If MaxSimulationRadius is specified, it will set that as well.