Console Functions

Console Print

<void> rconsoleprint(<string> message)

Prints message into the console. rconsoleprint also supports colors.


rconsoleprint('@@[email protected]@')
rconsoleprint('this is red')

Console Output

Example Output


Black@@[email protected]@
Blue@@[email protected]@
Green@@[email protected]@
Cyan@@[email protected]@
Red@@[email protected]@
Magenta@@[email protected]@
Brown@@[email protected]@
Light Gray@@[email protected]@
Dark Gray@@[email protected]@
Light Blue@@[email protected]@
Light Green@@[email protected]@
Light Cyan@@[email protected]@
Light Red@@[email protected]@
Light Magenta@@[email protected]@
Yellow@@[email protected]@
White@@[email protected]@

Console Info

<void> rconsoleinfo(<string> message)

Prints message into the console, with a info text before it.

Console Warn

<void> rconsolewarn(<string> message)

Prints message into the console, with a warning text before it.

Console Error

<void> rconsoleerr(<string> message)

Prints message into the console, with a error text before it.

Console Clear

<void> rconsoleclear(<void>)

Clears the console.

Console Name

<void> rconsolename(<string> title)

Sets the currently allocated console title to title.

Console Input

<string> rconsoleinput(<void>)

Yields until the user inputs information into their console. Returns the input they put in.

<void> printconsole(<string> message, <byte> red, <byte> green, <byte> blue)

Prints message into the internal and integrated console with RGB value. To view the internal console, enable Internal UI in the Options menu and when in-game press INSERT on your keyboard. The integrated console can be found in the new synapse UI.