Filesystem API

Synapse X contains functions that allow you to create, append, and remove files and folders within the Synapse X workspace directory. This allows you to save settings and any other information you may want later.

Creating Files

You can create files with the writefile function.

writefile("test.txt", "Testing!")

This will write a file named test.txt with the contents Testing! in your Synapse X workspace folder.

Appending Files

You can use appendfile, which has the same arguments as the writefile function, but does not overwrite the file.

appendfile("test.txt", "Testing!")

Reading Files

You can use the readfile function, which reads a file if it exists, erroring if it does not.

local contents = readfile("test.txt")

There is also a variation if you want to load it as a script - use loadfile in that case.

Checking if a file exists

You can use the isfile function, which returns true if you specified a valid file.

local valid = isfile("test.txt")


The same interface exists for folders as well - makefolder, delfolder, isfolder.

Lets conclude this tutorial series with the web APIs.