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The Synapse experience
Originally released in October 2018, Synapse X has since redefined what it is to be an execution platform. Today, it is to Synapse that the competition is compared to, not otherwise. After all this time, we are still offering the same set of features that were welcomed by our communities and still are to this very day.
Built upon an original and thoughtfully researched codebase, Synapse X does not suffer from the bugs and crashes inherited from outdated, ancient libraries that presently dominate the industry.
Made by Giants
We are built by the people who created the industry. With developers contributing to the scene as early as 2012, we have the team with the most experience with designing and maintaining execution platforms.
Our dedicated team of developers is always continually researching and developing new features, abilities and bugfixes to put into the software. Buy with confidence knowing your software's maintenance is in good hands.
Synapse has always found pride in having the biggest community in the scene, with an incredibly expansive catalogue of useful user-generated content curated and maintained by it. Boredom is not easily found with us.
How to buy and use Synapse
Synapse X is proprietary software costing between $15 and $20 USD per three months. You can buy a single three month license at the top of the page by pressing the 'Purchase' button.
Download the software using the link sent to your email address. You are only allowed to use Synapse X on one PC you personally own at a time.
After downloading and extracting the software, you will have to register a new Synapse account within the app using the serial key you have received by email.
After your registration, you will be able to use Synapse. Partake in the community to find content to use alongside it or create your own!
Returning customer?
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Questions and Answers
How long does it take for my serial key to come in my email?
For conventional payments, your key should arrive within 15 to 20 minutes. Otherwise, for crypto payments, it could take a few hours depending on blockchain congestion. Make sure to check your spam/junk folders in case it landed in them. If it hasn't arrived yet, contact support.
Can I use the software on multiple computers?
Synapse X can be used on one computer owned by the user at a time, but is otherwise not restricted to an individual PC. Changes can only be done once within a 24-hour span.